Is Mousecloner okay to use with World of Warcraft?

Mousecloner was written initially to be very compliant to Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft EULA. The following are reasons why we make this statement:

#1 - Mousecloner does not allow any game automation
#2 - Mousecloner has no programmatic or scripting features
#3 - Mousecloner does not allow you to create delays (ie. 1 keyboard trigger = 1 instant mouse action, no delays possible)
#4 - Mousecloner follows the '1 action = 1 action per window' theme. You cannot cause multiple clicks per World of Warcraft game with a single Mouseclone action. You may only cause 1 action per World of Warcraft game. (ie. You can target a spell with a single Mousecloner action, but you cannot cast *and* target the spell with a single Mousecloner action
#5 - If we are notified of any way to abuse the Mousecloner application, we will immediately fix and patch the client.

While we can make no claims to whether or not Mousecloner will always be fully acceptable by game designers, here are some screenshots and a link that demonstrate Blizzard's response:

Below are some screenshots of conversations that both the Mousecloner admins as well as Mousecloner users have been able to obtain with the World of Warcraft admins:

This screenshot was taken by a multiboxing gamer.
The original source for this image is here.

This screenshot was taken on 01/27/09 at approx. 4:50pm CST and has a rather enthusiastic response by a GM. This is very cut and clear.
The original source for this image is here The original GM submitted ticket can be found here.

Here is a Blizzard forum post on multiboxing where a Blizzard employee states the following:

"It's cool as long as the person's not automating their actions. If paying for five accounts and playin' em simultaneously on one or more your systems capable of running the game or multiple clients thereof is how you roll, then we're not gonna hate on it. "

The original forum posting is here.

Here is a Blizzard forum post on multiboxing where a Blizzard employee states the following:

"Multi-boxing is not a violation of the Terms of Use, Sincast. On the contrary, it's a fairly common practice and extremely fun to watch. :)"

The original forum posting is here.

We continually strive to update this page with more and more information from Blizzard in any fashion we can showing the acceptable use of the Mousecloner program. If you have a good screenshot you'd like us to use, please visit our support page for contact information and send it to us!

Did you know:
Mousecloner was created by Tim Sullivan, the former CEO/partner of Tim absolutely loves WoW and is an avid multiboxing fan. He created the MC application to help contribute to the multiboxing community in World of Warcraft.

Is MC safe? - Read this!
As with any new multiboxing technology, there are often many questions whether game developers will allow its use. We have been very dilligent in following Blizzard's game ethics and have provided you with more information here in the form of conversation screenshots and more.

Did you know:
You can use Mousecloner to cast multiple targettable spells, such as AOE, across multiple windows, all at the same time.