Breaking News 01/30/09:   Mousecloner has been completely revamped in accord to Blizzard's stance of mouse broadcasting. Mousecloner no longer has any X,Y coordinate input. Mousecloner is simply broadcasting your mouse. Wherever your mouse is on your main screen, your click will appear in the same location on all your other screens. You control your mouse and mouse movements. Mousecloner simply broadcasts them. Read more about this here

What is Mousecloner?

Mousecloner is an application that enables you to "broadcast" the mouse on your desktop in a simple and effective manner. You simply bind your mouse buttons to your keyboard and with the simple pressing of a single key, your mouse click will be broadcasting to all your windows at the same location as your currently selected window. This ability is proving to be an excellent boon to World of Warcraft dual-boxing/multiboxing or multiboxing in any game.

Mousecloner can be used for many things, ranging from just about any game on the market, to things such as spreadsheets, letter documents, photo editors, website views, and more!

Mousecloner was created with specific sensativity to game designer rules, therefor we have created Mousecloner to follow the following concept:

1 keyboard action = 1 mouse click per window, on multiple windows Mousecloner is simply broadcasting your mouse to each window. It will not move to predefined locations. It will not automate gameplay. It will not initiate or perform multiple clicks. It will not delay anything.

Mousecloner simply broadcasts your mouse to all windows. When you click your Hotkey (your key to bind a mouse click to your keyboard), Mousecloner simply clicks on your window at the same location your mouse is currently at.

You can use Mousecloner to cause a single click on multiple game windows, however, you cannot use Mousecloner to create multiple mouse clicks on a single game window.

Mousecloner is dumb yet powerful. We say Mousecloner is dumb because has no programmatic abilities allowing you to automate mouse clicks or send delayed mouse clicks in any fashion. However, we say Mousecloner is powerful because it allows you to perform the simple operation of broadcasting your mouse to multiple game windows, and then perform a single click by your rebinded mouse click key.

By using our simple interface, you can create a "hotkey" (eg. SHIFT+F12) that will cause your mouse to click in the location it is being broadcasted to!

Why you should use it?

Do you play games and would like to handle mouse clicks with "hotkeys"? Use Mousecloner!

Do you frequenty use Access database applications and want to streamline your data input? Use Mousecloner!

Are you a multiboxing fiend playing World of Warcraft and want to wreak havok on your enemies? OWN IT UP WITH MOUSECLONER!

How does it work?

Our primary goal with Mousecloner is to create a simple way to do a simple task - broadcast your mouse! Using our straightforward GUI (graphical user interface) software, you broadcast your mouse and perform a single click action on the windows it is broadcasted to.

If you are a multiboxing gamer, Mousecloner can cast all of your AOE spells across all of your gaming windows on your PC. Simply cast your spell using whatever existing way you have now, target the location to cast with your mouse, and hit the Mousecloner Hotkey. It is that easy to rock and roll!

Did you know:
Mousecloner was created by Tim Sullivan, the former CEO/partner of Tim absolutely loves WoW and is an avid multiboxing fan. He created the MC application to help contribute to the multiboxing community in World of Warcraft.

Is MC safe? - Read this!
As with any new multiboxing technology, there are often many questions whether game developers will allow its use. We have been very dilligent in following Blizzard's game ethics and have provided you with more information here in the form of conversation screenshots and more.

Did you know:
You can use Mousecloner to cast multiple targettable spells, such as AOE, across multiple windows, all at the same time.